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Stretch Marks can Affect Anyone

Many people assume the cause of stretch marks (striae) is pregnancy. However, studies show that not only pregnant mothers are affected by stretch marks due to a rapid stretching of the skin but also bodybuilders and overweight people.

Puberty is another time when stretch marks can occur, it can affect both males and females when there is a sudden growth spurt in areas including the hips, thighs, breast and buttocks.

Stretch marks occur when the underlying tissue grows faster than our skin layers causing the skin to tear and not to stretch. A hormone called glucocorticoids doesn’t allow the dermis to make more collagen and elastin, and therefore stretch marks are formed as a result. For a more detailed review on how stretch marks are formed, please see our full Stretch Mark Review.


A popular stretch mark removal treatment is TriLASTIN Stretch Mark Cream that is used by pregnant women, bodybuilders and overweight people. TriLASTIN, a high –potency formulation, helps stimulate the ongoing cell regeneration process that occurs within the skin to produce positive visible change on dermal scarring while thickening the skin’s epidermal layer and helping to repair and diminish the appearance of existing stretch marks.

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