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TriLASTIN SR™ Recommended Product

No longer do you have to suffer through the unsightly appearance of stretch marks around your stomach, derriere, thighs, and arms.

After extensive research and product trials, we found that the most effective stretch mark cream available on the market is TriLastin.  Not only does TriLastin fill in the deep furrows of your stretch marks and minimize the discoloration, but it also has potent ingredients that prevent future stretch marks.

Utilizing an innovative synergy of ingredients, combined with advanced collagen delivery techniques, TriLastin is the most effective stretch mark cream in the market.

With regular usage, TriLastin can permanently heal your stretch marks by:

  • Reducing the puckering-effect of the skin
  • Diminishing the discoloration of stretch marks
  • Minimizing the depth of the furrows of the stretch marks

5 Reasons Why We Recommend TriLASTIN SR™

over other Stretch Mark Removal products

TriLastin is the remarkable breakthrough product designed specifically for stretch marks, guaranteed to safely fade them away and protect the skin from any future damage. Its hypoallergenic, non-greasy formula has been created for both men and women regardless of age, ethnicity, or skin tone.

1. TriLastin works with your skin tissue to repair stretch marks.

With TriLastin’s advanced, highly-potent formula, the cell regeneration process is actively stimulated within the skin structure.  This process brings about a clear and noticeable change in the skin.  By utilizing collagen-enhanced ingredients that send microspheres into the furrows of the stretch marks, the skin tissue absorbs the ambient moisture and thickens the epidermal layer.

Thus, as the formula continues to work, the epidermal layer thickens through collagen-rich moisture, evening out the skin and minimizing the appearance of the stretch marks.   Thus, the furrows of the stretch marks are filled in, while the discoloration also fades.

2. TriLastin helps prevent future stretch marks.

The structure of our skin is made up of collagen and elastin, which are two major proteins that contribute to the suppleness of the skin. Elastin, as the name suggests, is the protein that provides elasticity to the skin, and collagen is found in the connective tissue of our skin, essentially binding it together.  When skin is stretched, if its structure is weak and brittle, the chance of deeper scarring is possible.

The highly potent TriLastin formula provides the skin with these essential proteins, thereby making it more flexible and strong. This prevents the formation of any future occurrence of severe stretch marks. TriLastin ensures that the skin is resilient and elastic, in order to fight the appearance of newer marks.

Used in your daily regimen, TriLastin is sure to protect and care for your skin.

3. TriLastin provides quick, permanent results.

Using TriLastin regularly can result in visible improvements in only a few weeks. The TriLastin formula can successfully alter the appearance of your stretch marks, making them less noticeable in just a few uses.

TriLastin also penetrates deep into the skin to try and heal the ruptured skin structure, thus getting to the very root of the problem.

Once you see results, the faded away marks will not reappear, as the skin structure itself has healed and recuperated from any ruptures through the use of TriLastin.

4. TriLastin is suitable for all types of stretch marks

TriLastin works well for anyone who needs to prevent new stretch marks or remove existing ones. Women who have just completed a pregnancy, people who have gained weight rapidly, bodybuilders, etc. are examples of people who would benefit from the potent formula TriLastin has to offer.

TriLastin works on almost everyone, irrespective of age or sex, skin color or ethnicity. Although undoubtedly more effective on newer marks, TriLastin is still effective on older marks, softening and fading out till they are almost the same shade and texture as the rest of the skin.

5. TriLastin’s unrivaled formula provides the best treatment.

TriLastin contains a unique, powerful formula, enriched with collagen, elastin and soy protein, which are three potent ingredients that aid in rejuvenating, nourishing and moisturizing the skin. TriLastin’s significant amino-acid content also contributes to its potency, especially in much higher levels compared to the other products available. This advanced formula helps in enhancing the skin’s structure, defending it from further damage, as well as supplementing the skin with powerful protein content that allows it to fight existing marks.

When Do I Use It?

TriLastin can be applied at any time, but for best results, should be used in the morning and night. As with most creams and lotions, TriLastin also works best when applied to skin that is slightly moist, after a bath or shower.

TriLastin can be applied generously to the skin and should be massaged gently after application for at least half a minute to stimulate better penetration and ensure maximum benefit for the skin.

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