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What are Stretch Marks?

Stretch Mark Research is dedicated to giving consumers reliable and up to date information on various stretch mark treatments. It is our goal to find sensible and long term methods of treating and healing stretch marks permanently.

Stretch MarksStretch marks, also known as striae in dermatology, are reddish or purplish fine scars that appear on the body due to rapid stretching of the skin. Skin stretches quickly during growth spurts, sudden weight gain, muscle growth or pregnancy, all of which give stretch marks an opportunity to appear. Although the skin is fairly elastic, overstretching can lead to the tearing of the supple middle layer of skin, the dermis, which in turn, causes these streak-like scars to form.

What do they look like?

Red Stretch Mark StripeAt first, stretch marks appear reddish or purplish, but over time, they fade away to a whitish or silverish shade. In some rare cases, if the stretch marks are not very prominent initially, they may even diminish completely as time passes. Stretch marks also seem slightly sunken in, and are of a different, softer texture than the surrounding skin.  They are generally fine, elongated lines that usually appear clustered together in certain areas.

Where do they occur?

Stretch marks can occur anywhere on the body, but they tend to appear mainly in areas of the body that have higher fat cell counts, such as the lower stomach, inner and outer thighs, arms, breasts, underarms, hips and derriere. Women are more prone to stretch marks, but men have been known to be affected by them as well.

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Who gets them?

Pregnant Women Stretch MarkPregnant women are most prone to stretch marks because of the steady growth and stretching of the skin across the stomach during the period of a pregnancy. Children crossing into puberty are also inclined to getting stretch marks because of the sudden growth spurts they sometimes undergo in a short period of time. Body builders have been also known to be prone to this condition, again due to the rapid change in the structure of the body and the muscles. People who have lost weight within a brief time-period observe stretch marks across the areas of their body where the weight was lost.

Genetics, diet and skin structure are related factors in determining whether an individual develops stretch marks and how severe it will be.

Are there health risks?

Stretch marks are extremely common and pose absolutely no significant health risk to an individual.  The extent of the stretch mark is purely skin-deep, and it does not reflect any health risks.  Unfortunately, most people, especially women, find it aesthetically unpleasant, and hence, developing stretch marks becomes a cause for concern.

How do I treat them?

There are effective treatments available, such as TriLASTIN, which specifically treat stretch marks and reduce their appearance. In addition, there are several creams that help in preventing stretch marks before they are likely to appear; for example, in the case of a pregnant woman, applying a lotion or cream on the stomach during the period of the pregnancy can be beneficial in preventing stretch marks.

There are also more expensive and long-term treatments like cosmetic surgery, laser therapy and chemical peels; however, these can be painful and may not always be effective.

We Recommend TriLASTIN Stretch Mark Cream

With the myriad of stretch mark creams that are available on the market, it is difficult to find the ones that actually work to decrease the furrows and discoloration of your stretch marks.

After extensive research and product trials, we found that the most effective stretch mark cream available on the market is TriLASTIN. Not only does TriLASTIN fill in the deep furrows of your stretch marks and minimize the discoloration, but it also has potent ingredients that prevent future stretch marks.

Utilizing an innovative synergy of ingredients, combined with advanced collagen delivery techniques, TriLASTIN is the most effective stretch mark cream in the market.

With regular usage, TriLASTIN Stretch Mark Cream can permanently heal your stretch marks by:

  • Reducing the puckering-effect of the skin
  • Diminishing the discoloration of stretch marks
  • Minimizing the depth of the furrows of the stretch marks
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