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Why do we have Stretch Marks?

Stretch marks are scars that usually appear in the shape of stripes on the surface of the skin and at times they go deeper than that. The most common affected areas of  developing stretch marks are abdomen , hips and thighs and they can just appear anywhere on the body.

The Main reason that People develop Stretch Marks:

Stretch marks result due to extreme stretching of the skin beyond the skin’s elasticity and is also linked with various causes that prevents the skin to return to its original form. And the main reason lies in the fact that people experience a weight gain in a short period of time and the people who are likely to develop the starch marks are body builders, pregnant women and adolescents who go through rapid growth.

No one is ready for stretch marks and we all want to avoid them but most pregnant women know that they are more likely to develop the stretch marks along with regular problems that are associated with pregnancy like nausea, backaches, and frequent urination that stretch marks are an equally unpleasant possibility.

But we are fortunate that stretch marks hold no health risks and area simply a cosmetic concern as they spoil the beautiful and supple skin texture. And you can be prepared for the stretch marks when your body grows at a rate that your skin can’t keep up with.

Collagen keeps our skin supple and soft and retains the youthful look and there are also some external factors that trigger of these stretch marks and they are smoking and dieting. When people are involved in excessive dieting they end up getting mal nourished as they simply don’t maintain a well balanced diet and this reduces the production of collagen which is essential to keep your skin tight and supple.

People usually end up feeling embarrassed because of stretch marks because it makes them self conscious .But this problem can be resolved by using different treatments as that the effects of the stretch marks can be greatly reduced.

Using preventive measure to reduce the effects of stretch marks you should start eating a well balanced and healthy diet that keeps your weight gain in the recommended range.

Massage the area that has stretch marks using a body wash or brush as this helps to increase the circulation of blood which maintains your health.

You need to keep your body hydrated by drinking plenty of water as water is important for a healthy skin.

Taking you vitamins supplement regularly and maintain your nutritional status.

Keep your skin supple and moisturized during you pregnancy will also reduce stretch marks.

There are many different types of products available in the market that can make your skin more stretchable and eliminate stretch marks altogether and this is really good for women as they are more conscious about their physical appearance .These Stretch Marks Cream contain cocoa butter ,lanolin and wheat germ oil and these screams help the skin to heal and rebuild the damaged skin.